Transformation program

This transformation program is targeted at those organizations that would like to implement an structured end-to-end Operational Excellence transformation based on Lean, Agile and Business Process Management principles. Acting as a Management Consultant or Interim Manager I will guide you through all the steps in your implementation journey, covering everything from organizational design to skills development and most importantly cultural change.

As part of this program we will engage leaders, managers and front line employees alike, creating ever lasting capabilities and work practices across the whole organization, and evaluating improvement opportunities both in the form of quick-wins and long term projects. As a matter of fact this program is the most comprehensive service in my portfolio, including some of my other training, workshops and coaching services.

During the initial stage of the program we will define together the objectives for your organization and design an implementation plan with specific phases, scope and duration.

About me

Jorge Díaz, consultant specialized in Operational Excellence applying the principles from Lean, Agile and Process Management. More about me.

Cube of Good Management

The Cube of Good Management is a comprehensive and easy to apply Operational Excellence framework that you should start using today in your organization. Learn more.