Training & Workshops

The following workshops and training sessions, on which the Operational Excellence Transformation Program is based, may be contracted on an individual basis. They are usually delivered in a face-to-face or videoconference format and may span one to several days in duration, being most impactful when bundled with follow-up coaching sessions.

Even though these courses and workshops are targeted at developing specific capabilities, all of them abide by the general principles of Lean, Agile an Process Management aiming at creating a sustaining cultural transformation in the long term.

Cube of Good Management

The Cube of Good Management provides a comprehensive framework to the principles and techniques behind Lean, Agile and Process Management. This course covers in detail all the cube elements, as well as the enablers and metrics for each of them and lifecycle phases, hence it is best suited as an introductory course and for those who want to get the most information in the shortest timeframe possible.

Process Architecture and Governance

This workshop reviews the value chain of your organization modeling it as a high level Process Architecture. Once the Process Architecture is obtained we will use it for defining your Process Governance and establishing a prioritized Process Improvement Portfolio, both key in your Operational Excellence journey.

Strategy Deployment

While almost all organizations in the world have a yearly strategy planning process, very few of them successfully accomplish the strategy that they design. This workshop is aimed at redefining the way you design and roll out your company strategy in order to maximize the probability of achieving strategic objectives. Ideally we will run this workshop in sync with your natural strategy deployment cycle.

Leader Standard Work

Leadership behavior has been extensively documented as the single most influential success factor in a transformation program. To transform the organization, leaders must first transform their daily behavior, a topic that we will cover thoroughly in this workshop.

Huddles and Visual Boards

Periodic quick team meetings, also known as Team Huddles, Standup Meetings, Scrum Meetings or Daily Kaizen Meetings, are one of the most effective practices you can implement in the short term as part of your Operational Excellence transformation. In this workshop we will implement these meetings for the teams of your choice alongside Visual Boards, the tool they will use to keep track of their work plan, improvement initiatives and results.

Workplace Organization

5S is an extraordinarily efficient tool for getting physical and digital spaces organized. This workshop will get your teams organized with practical and real examples from their workplace and it will set an appropriate foundation for later engaging in work standardization initiatives.

Work Standardization

Taiichi Ohno said that without standard there can be no improvement. This workshop is aimed at standardizing the work activities of your teams so that work results are stabilized and continuous improvement techniques can follow.

Continuous Improvement Techniques

The purpose of this training is to equip your teams with continuous improvement tools and techniques so that they can benefit from making continuous improvement progress more effectively on their own.

Energizing and developing teams

Employees engagement is critical for the success of your organization. In this workshop we will cover the people dimension of management, reviewing the soft skills and providing specific techniques for energizing and developing your fellow team members.

Project Management

In this training we will cover the basis of project management with a very practical approach. We will combine the best of classic project management (PMP) and Agile project Management to address the specific needs of your organization.

Innovation, Problem Solving and Process Redesign Methodologies

These are advanced workshops where we will train your employees so that they can lead their own Design Thinking, Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen events.

About me

Jorge Díaz, consultant specialized in Operational Excellence applying the principles from Lean, Agile and Process Management. More about me.

Cube of Good Management

The Cube of Good Management is a comprehensive and easy to apply Operational Excellence framework that you should start using today in your organization. Learn more.