My portfolio of services covers everything necessary to develop an integral Lean-Agile management system as explained in my book Management System Cube.

Some of those services are:

  • Keynote speaker on Lean-Agile leadership.
  • Lean-Agile transformation programs.
  • Teams and leaders coaching.
  • Implementation of huddles (also known as Scrum meetings or Daily Standups).
  • Restrospectives facilitation.
  • Facilitation of process improvement Kaizen events.
  • Implementation of gemba walks.
  • Work standards definition and improvement.
  • Information and materials optimization.
  • Reorganization of funcional teams, project teams (agile squads) and transversal teams (holacratic circles).
  • Strategic definition and cascading using OKRs.
  • Scaling Scrum (SAFe) and facilitation of PI planning events.
  • Etc.

I provide these services for organizations of all sizes and from all sectors (IT,  healthcare, manufacturing, retail, government agencies, NGOs,…).

Although I am based in Madrid, Spain, I also work at an European an international scope. Please contact me with any inquiry you may have.

Management System Cube

Take a look at my book Management System Cube, where I introduce a framework for generating and optimal management system for your organization. Read more...