My portfolio of services covers the following areas. Please click on the links to obtain detailed information for each of them:

  • Implementation program: A service covering all the phases for the implementation of Operational Excellence in an organization regardless of its initial status.
  • Training and workshops: Specific training sessions and workshops on different Operational Excellence topics.
  • Coaching: Coaching services targeted at senior leaders, directors and managers.
  • Facilitation and problem solving: Project based services customized to the specific need of each client.

I provide these service both for companies in all sectors (service, IT,  healthcare, manufacturing, retail) as well as nonprofit organizations (government agencies, NGOs, foundations, etc). I am based in Madrid-Spain and I can also provide my services online for a reduced cost. Please contact me for any question you may have.

About me

Jorge Díaz, consultant specialized in Operational Excellence applying the principles from Lean, Agile and Process Management. More about me.

Cube of Good Management

The Cube of Good Management is a comprehensive and easy to apply Operational Excellence framework that you should start using today in your organization. Learn more.