An excellent lecturer with a very useful methodology

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Cube of Good Management course on operations management lectured by Jorge. Fortunate to have access to Jorge’s knowledge on operations management and fortunate to receive this knowledge from him specially taking into account the way he transmits it. The subjects covered in the course have an immediate application in the day to day of an organization, as a matter of fact, we have already started to implement some of the methodology. It is a course that leaves aside the artifices and brings you closer to the reality of continuous improvement and good practices to achieve the best performance of processes in an environment of engaged people. Jorge’s way of communicating is excellent, both the material he shares and the way he shares it makes the course very enjoyable.

Very practical, real and interesting methodology

I am very grateful to Jorge for the Cube of Good Management course. It has really been very practical, very real, very interesting and has touched many areas of the company where you can apply what he has taught us.

A professional with fresh ideas and passion for what he does

When Jorge told me about the Cube of Good Management, his management training project, it didn’t take me long to get hooked on such a powerful idea: acting on six of the main aspects of  strategy and management projected on a Rubik’s cube which enables approaching each one individually, but also as a whole in a continuous improvement context. Professionals like Jorge, with fresh ideas and passion for what they do, are needed in today’s organizations.

Daniel Gil Fuentes

A top qualified professional

I had the privilege to work with Jorge in a highly demanding context and I consider him a top qualified professional. Jorge capabilities have the solid foundations of continuous improvement frameworks but are amplified through an unusual ability to support process transformation and improvement with the necessary cultural change and with the use of the latest digital platforms, being it for workflow, analytics or collaboration. Only by having these skills and by working always having in mind the day to day business reality, Jorge was able to successfully introduce the continuous improvement culture and way of work in an ultra-challenging business as it is cybersecurity.

Extensive knowledge and experience with Lean methodology

I have worked with Jorge for two years at S21sec. He’s a great professional, very committed to the job, very loyal. He is a person very focused on achieving objectives and creating added value for the company in alignment with strategic objectives. Demonstrates and has extensive knowledge and experience with Lean methodology. He has worked hard over the past two years to improve the company’s management processes and share his knowledge of the Kaizen methodology, significantly improving the company’s management and processes. He is a great communicator, always willing to listen to ideas and a great team leader. It has great potential to add value to any project. I think I’ve been very lucky to have been able to work with Jorge during these two years, since I’ve learned a lot with him and from him.

Leire Arrillaga Vicente

Deep knowledge and experience in the operations field

Jorge is an extremely loyal and committed professional with deep knowledge and experience in the operations field and in the area related to Lean methodology for the improvement of processes. Jorge worked very hard to improve internal processes being always very open to ideas and giving his best to achieve results. It has been a pleasure working with Jorge and is someone that can bring significant value to any company. I have learnt a lot from him. I strongly recommend him.

Hard worker and thorough, with a strong focus on the final product

During the launch of Protheus Technologies I worked very closely with Jorge during a period of 7 months. In such a short period of time he made an excellent impression on me; hard worker, thorough, knowledgeable of the right tools for the job and on how to get the maximum performance from the team, he coordinates people with a motivational and flexible yet very professional approach, he has a wide business acumen and a strong focus on the final product.

Here is a great professional

Here is a great professional! High expertise in Business Process analysis and Project Management, committed on results, Jorge delivers the projects that he manages. He knows how to work in a multicultural and challenging environment, using very good change practices.

I truly recommend him for any Business Process Management projects you may have

I had the pleasure to work on a complex and cross-markets transformation project with Jorge that was aiming to improve the overall IT Sales to Delivery to Support process of the WEMEA region. Jorge drove the project from a Business Process Management point of view and, thanks to his dedication, competence and pragmatic/result oriented skills, the overall project has been delivered as expected. I really enjoyed working together with Jorge and I truly recommend him for any Business Process Management projects you may have.

Deep commitment to the job and the search for continuous improvement

I had the pleasure of working directly with Jorge during my time at Inspiralia as a Market Intelligence Consultant. He was my direct supervisor and I was impressed with his deep commitment to the job and his search for continuous improvement. He also has the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in each member of his team and employ them in order to improve our work. Jorge is always considerate towards other people and because of that and more he has earned my highest recommendation.

The kind of leader that gets the best out of each one

Jorge has the amazing ability to make people, with diferentes approaches, getting along and focus on solutions. Above all, I would say he is the kind of leader that gets the best out of each one in his team and, of course, comes with my heartfelt recommendation for his efficiency and the way he deals with any matter, gathering information, listening to everyone and going directly to problem roots.

Beatriz Giraldo Mañas

Impressive in setting up objectives, direction and getting things done.

I engaged Jorge as internal consultant for a BPM project in my Regional unit. Jorge is highly professional and result oriented. He is able to balance his analytical mind with great soft skills relevant for proper communication, team work and people management. Impressive in setting up objectives, direction and getting things done. Moreover Jorge is a very nice person to work with.

The best choice to improve your organization

Jorge is an excellent professional. He is the best choice to improve your organization and can help you implement latest Lean management methodologies in your company.
Most importantly, Jorge is a good person. Someone you can trust. Active, motivated and systematic, he has a special skill to manage people and get the best from his collaborators.

Always trying to find more information and better solutions for the day-to-day

I had the luck of working with Jorge and he was a key member and great team player of the department. Solidly knowledgeable about processes, always trying to find more information and better solutions for the day-to-day and to reach the best level of service towards our partners. His personal interaction skills guarantee the comfort in the group and his leadership attitude always help to the mid management to achieve their goals.

Conducted the project thoroughly, creating a rich dynamic in the group

In a project covering 5 countries in Western Europe, I’ve worked closely with Jorge, on marketing processes for IT Consulting & Solutions. Jorge organised extremely clearly the work that needed to be done to achieve our objectives and conducted the project thoroughly, creating a rich dynamic in the group.

Honest person to work with, with a great skill to analyze and summarize ideas

It was a pleasure to work together with Jorge. He is a perfectly organized manager with deep and practical skills of IS/IT. Honest person to work with, with a great skill to analyze and summarize ideas. His big background and wisdom makes him view solutions instead of problems. For Jorge the job is always the most important thing to do.

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