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I am specialized in the resolution of operational problems, which constitute the main cause of failure for the great majority of organizations. The figures are appalling:

  • The average organization has a 95% inefficiency, with only 5% of its activities generating added value.
  • 87% of the workforce is demotivated and has an average productivity of only 52%.
  • 90% of the organizations fail at strategic execution.
  • 70% of the technology investment doesn’t deliver the promised value.
  • Average life span of organizations has been decreased by 70% in the last 50 years.

All this is the result of the daily situations experienced in organizations:

  • Suffering from the same internal problems again and again.
  • The status quo is hardly ever questioned and things don’t change.
  • Customers frequently complain about the quality of the product/service but the root causes aren’t solved.
  • There’s very low accountability for work results.
  • Blame games and finger-pointing are the norm.
  • Results are achieved under a “do what it takes” approach, always demanding an strenuous effort from the same few people that make sure that in the end everything goes well.
  • Work is done in silos, with many teams not understanding what other teams do or why they do it.
  • Micromanagement, command and control, and detailed inspection are used in order to guarantee quality results.
  • Competitors have a better product/service with lower costs but nobody understands how do they do it.
  • Always running behind the market as every little change takes way too long to implement.

My services are targeted at solving these kind of operational and cultural problems both for companies in all sectors (service, IT,  healthcare, manufacturing, retail) as well as for nonprofit organizations (government agencies, NGOs, foundations, etc). Even though I am based in Madrid-Spain I also provide international online consulting regardless of your location. In any case I encourage you to contact me for a non-binding exploration of your situation.

About me

Jorge Díaz, consultant specialized in Operational Excellence applying the principles from Lean, Agile and Process Management. More about me.

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The Cube of Good Management is a comprehensive and easy to apply Operational Excellence framework that you should start using today in your organization. Learn more.