Culture in the Cube of Good Management

In the Cube of Good Management there is something that seems to be hidden from the naked eye both in the cube and in the organizations themselves: I’m talking about culture, that is, the set of beliefs that define the ideal behavior in a social group. Culture is represented in the cube by the edges that hold facets together, because culture is both the result and the determining factor of everything that takes place in an organization (i.e. we can’t work on one thing without taking care of the other: are the facets formed by the edges or are the edges formed by the intersection of facets?).

This culture or set of beliefs is what will ultimately determine if all our work with the cube is worth it, since for example it would be useless to define codes and rituals if they were not to be respected or were fulfilled as a mere formality. Only by managing cultural change in parallel to the design and implementation of the cube elements will we be able to advance towards the Operational Excellence of an organization.  Culture takes years to form and we can only consider influencing it in the long term (we are always talking about a minimum of 3 to 5 years), being the leaders of the organization the most capable ones to do it. The key to this is leading by example and acting as coaches always from the principles of Operational Excellence and using all the cube elements and its life cycle. Only in this way it will be possible to influence the organization’s set of beliefs and, therefore, the natural behavior of the people who work in it.


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