Amazon and public administration, most and least customer centric organizations

A few days ago I posted a brief note on Linkedin where I commented on a superb customer experience I have had with Amazon. The featured image at the top is the image that went along that Linkedin note, the text was the following:

Amazon does an excellent job even when it makes mistakes.

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Deming’s Chain Reaction

Many organizations are simply unable to achieve success since they keep a firefighting attitude towards problems. They try to make progress by manipulating customers with discounts and promotions, bribing employees with unfounded promises and implementing Wizard’s of Oz technology that auto-magically will solve everything, but they are just working in a failure chain reaction as depicted below:

This failure chain reaction is without a doubt the mode in which many organizations still work today.

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Improving operations with the Cube of Good Management

Did you know that the main cause of failure for most organizations is not a bad strategy but a bad execution? Yes, I know that there will be voices against this statement, after all many prefer the apparent prestige of the strategist rather than the hard work of the operational manager,

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