Let’s change management!

My name is Jorge Díaz Bes and I’m a Lean-Agile coach and consultant. My goal is to help you develop your management skills with the only objective of maximizing value creation in your organization.

To this end I have developed the Management System Cube, a framework for defining an optimal management system for your organization, and I offer a portfolio of services based on the principles of Lean and Agile.

The way in which I work can be explained in a very simple way as a Deming’s chain reaction:

My management philosophy is summarized in the following principles:

  1. People are the single most important component of any organization, hence we must make everything we can to keep them committed.
  2. Organizations behave as complex adaptive systems which require using systemic thinking together with self-management and subsidiarity mechanisms.
  3. All value for all the stakeholders in an organization is originated in the value it creates for its customers.
  4. Innovation and continuous improvement based on the scientific method are the only means to systematically improve the value creation ratio in an organization.
  5. Organizational culture is the main barrier for transformative long-lasting effects.
  6. The main responsibility of all managers and senior leaders in an organization is leading by example and acting as coaches.
  7. Designing a Lean-Agile based management system is the most practical and easiest way to optimize management in any organization.

My reputation for excellence is my main asset and it is the best guarantee on the quality of my services. I will be happy to talk to you about any question or comment that you send me through the contact form.

Management System Cube

Take a look at my book Management System Cube, where I introduce a framework for generating and optimal management system for your organization. Read more...