Making your organization more efficient

My name is Jorge Díaz and I’m a consultant specialized in Operational Excellence. My goal is to help you develop your management skills with the only objective of maximizing value creation in your organization.

To this end, I have developed the Cube of Good Management, a framework for Operational Excellence, and I offer a portfolio of services based on the principles of Lean, Agile and Business Process Management, since I am convinced that the main cause for organization’s failure is a poor execution.

The way in which I work can be explained in a very simple way as a Deming’s chain reaction:

My management philosophy is summarized in the following principles:

  1. People are the most important part of an organization, so we must make everything we can to keep them committed and motivated.
  2. Fact-based innovation and continuous improvement are the only practical means that organizations can go about improving their rate of value creation.
  3. All value in an organization is produced by the coordinated work of people, therefore, aside from product/service development, improvement and innovation actions must be focused on the management system as a whole, end-to-end processes and true teamwork.
  4. Organizations behave as complex adaptive systems hence managing them requires equipping the organization with self-management mechanisms: self-organisation, self-control and self-adaptation.
  5. Organizational culture is the main barrier for transformative long-lasting effects, therefore cultural change should be at the top of the agenda when addressing any such transformation program.
  6. The main responsibility of managers and senior leaders in an organization is to act as coaches in the philosophy and methodology derived from these principles.

My reputation for excellent service is my main asset and it is the best guarantee you can have on the quality of my work.

You can contact me here with any question, proposal or need for service that you may have.

What is Operational Excellence?

Operational Excellence is the continuous search for the best way of operating an organization. It is, together with market strategy and product/service development, one of the main pillars for the success of any organization. Learn more.

Cube of Good Management

The Cube of Good Management is a comprehensive and easy to apply Operational Excellence framework that you should start using today in your organization. Learn more.